About our company




At WEBDOCTORS PLUS, our goal is simple. We believe that doctors seeing patients online and by phone is the only way to help make healthcare work.

Patients are struggling to get access to care when they need it and healthcare systems are eager to find ways to bring modern solutions to the equation. 
Our platform is currently providing quality, affordable care to nearly 500,000 lives...

Originally founded in 2013, WEBDOCTORS PLUS was released to the general public in 2016, and is quickly gaining the stature of an introspective leader in the digital delivery of high-quality, convenient, cost-efficient healthcare.

The company provides consumers, employers, brokers/consultants, health plans, health systems, and associations with 24/7/365 access to board-certified doctors, therapists, and pediatricians via secure online video, phone, or mobile device.
Every day, more and more people in need of simple care are being forced to either go without treatment or seek care settings like the ER and urgent care clinics that are not appropriate settings for their needs.

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