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Frequently asked questions

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    How many employees can you handle?
    WEBDOCTORS PLUS works for companies of any size, from 5 to 500,000 employees. We help you provide exceptional service to your clients. Our flexible technology allows us to maintain personalized care and support.
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    How do I get appointed?
    Click on the button that says "Join Partner Program." Fill out the corresponding form and a representative will handle your request promptly.
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    How do members access their services?
    We provide 3 ways to easily use the WEBDOCTORS PLUS services: member portal, the WEBDOCTORS PLUS Care Card, and mobile app (comming soon on March 1st, 2016).
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    What's the group enrollment process?
    It’s very simple and includes 3 pieces of information: a one-page e-signed contract, ACH form, and an employee-only Excel census. For Voluntary or to offer Add-Ons, there is a one-page Payroll Deduction form. If these are submitted by the 15th, we’ll have member materials in-hand by the 1st.
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    Do you have any member engagement programs?
    Yes! First, we provide 3 ways to easily use the freshbenies services: paper materials, app and online portal. Then we follow it up with flyers, videos, break room posters/table tents, an email drip campaign, and more. You’ll see it in action when you get started with us!
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    Does WEBDOCTORS PLUS disqualify from having an HSA?
    To date, there is no ruling from regulators as to whether a $0 consult fee telehealth program disqualifies an HSA. Most of our clients are provided a WEBDOCTORS PLUS Care Card alongside an HSA, but we suggest consulting your legal counsel. We have a freshbenies card with a $45 telehealth consult fee for employers who would rather go that route.
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    Do you have any sales information available for me?
    Yes, and many are personalized with your contact info. Once you’re appointed, we’ll give you access to the Broker Sales Center where you’ll find everything you need.
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    Do you pay commisions?
    Yes, our prices include commission rates that are among the highest in the industry. Just contact us for more info!
If you have more questions please contact us