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Frequently asked questions

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    How do members access their services?
    We provide 3 ways to easily use the WEBDOCTORS PLUS services: member portal, the WEBDOCTORS PLUS Care Card, and mobile app (comming soon on March 1st, 2016).
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    Do you have any employee engagement programs?
    Yes! First, we provide 3 ways to easily use the freshbenies services: paper materials, app and online portal. Then we follow it up with flyers, videos, break room posters/table tents, an email drip campaign, and more. You’ll see it in action when you get started with us!
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    Does WEBDOCTORS PLUS disqualify from having an HSA?
    To date, there is no ruling from regulators as to whether a $0 consult fee telehealth program disqualifies an HSA. Most of our clients are provided a WEBDOCTORS PLUS Care Card alongside an HSA, but we suggest consulting your legal counsel. We have a freshbenies card with a $45 telehealth consult fee for employers who would rather go that route.
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    Does the price change with whether I have a broker or not?
    No. the prices are the same regardless.
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    Who's included in a WEBDOCTORS PLUS membership?
    Each membership included one employee and up to seven dependents.
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    Deos this come under Section 125 Pre-Tax rules?
    No, because WEBDOCTORS PLUS is non-insurance. However, the cost is still a business expense if you provide them for your employees. Also, as a result, you don’t have to follow Section 125’s non-discrimination rules. Therefore, these services can be provided or not provided to employees as you wish.
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