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Job and Task Descriptions

Certification Requirements

Description of Patients

Physicians and Practitioners must be Medicare providers and must be registered in PECOS. Providers must cover their own malpractice insurance.  
Our Medicare patients are seeking non-narcotic pain alternatives. Many of the patients have either had surgery or have pain in their back or extremities and desire some type of brace to help them stay active. They are looking for access to a physician via telehealth to discuss treatment options and receive proper care.

Task Description

Physicians will be providing Orthotic Telehealth exams for Medicare patients to certify medical necessity (or not) based on their assessment. DMERX software will be used to assist in compile a CMN. There is never any pressure for a prescription. As the physician, you will decide whether an orthotic is medically necessary. Each consultation will include:

  • Reviewing each patient's medical history provided to you by our clients before the consult.
  • Contacting the patients via phone and reviewing their medical history along with the products they are seeking.
  • Digitally signing their order/prescription after consult is completed upon your approval.


Each consult will run around 15 to 20 minutes per patient at first, but 8-10 minutes once they become familiar with the software and process. Providers can set their own schedule and see patients when they are available. Calls can be made anytime Mon-Fri: 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM and Sat/Sun: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM. Consults are currently by phone but can be video capable should state regulations require.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I cannot reachthe person right away, how long should I wait?

For the purposes of payment positive contact with the patient is required. This includes them calling you back to tell you they are no longer interested. Therefore, it is best to leave a message, and wait for a call back. If there is no response in a couple days you may try calling again at a different time. In any case, making some sort of contact is the goal. Be sure to documents your attempts.

If I have to leave a message, what number do I use as a call-back?

The Webdoctors Plus phone number is 800-615-1707 and your unique 4-digit extension.

If a patient calls and leaves a message, how do I retrieve it?

Any voice message left on your assigned extension will be emailed as an attachment to you using the email we have on file.
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