Value-based Telehealth

WebDoctors Plus is a premier national telehealth provider that has uniquely designed a telehealth program around the concept of value-based care. We place extreme emphasis on providing quality PROACTIVE Care versus the traditional REACTIVE Care model prevalent in the industry today. We are the only telehealth program that  incentivizes our care providers as well as our members -  thereby driving quality care and improved healthy outcomes.
    Consumers are demanding more from America’s health care system, and rightfully so. Historically, the system has been organized around treating the sick and compensating physicians based solely on the number of services and procedures ordered — an arrangement frequently called fee-for-service.

    Value-based care is shifting the health care system to a model that emphasizes the importance of keeping people healthy and rewards physicians for coordinating care, for providing the appropriate care for each patient’s situation and for actual health outcomes. Care providers’ compensation is now based in part on keeping a population healthy, not just on how many tests or services are ordered.
    WebDoctors Plus Understands
    What Makes Virtual Care Really Work...

    Traditional Reactive
    Care Model

    WebDoctors Proactive
    Value-based Care

    Typically the member is confused and frustrated, in a complicated health care system where the member often has to manage their own care. This generally leads to low utilization and health improvements.
    Our members feel valued and engaged in their health. They feel they are in control, and at the center of the health care experience and are supported by a more coordinated care team.

    Member ​​

    Reactive care delivered in response to an injury, illness, or non-emergency medical issue.
    Proactive care—both preventive and to treat chronic conditions— with an emphasis on keeping people healthy. We acheive this by surveying our population performing health risk assessments, and other preventative health initiatives geared around identifying health risk and providing preventive solutions.


    Care providers lack technology combined with incentives to coordinate patient care with other health professionals.
    Care providers are empowered by new technology, access to data and financial incentives to coordinate care across the entire health care system.


    Data remains trapped inside massive repositories and sites. Lack of sophisticated data analytics used across populations.
    Data is analyzed across a our organization to identify specific health risks, improve care coordination and enhance the organization’s operations.

    & Informatics

    Costs annually increases without corresponding improvements in health or utilization. Many accept this as “just the way it is.”
    Value driven care is the new standard for insurance companies and care providers, and pay is based on quality and patient health improvements. Therefore, we have designed a care model that works in harmony with our clients requirements.


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